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Everyone should have kids outside of their own race.

Having two parents of the same race (White + White or Black +Black) is pretty much genetic incest. Nothing new is gained, just the same old regular shit passed on. Pure bloods are inbreds.

Black people tend to call black men “brothers” and black women “sisters”. I know it is more of a symbolic thing, but it got me thinking. I would not want to fuck my brother if I had one. So honestly, dating in your own race, whatever it may be, sounds like incest to me.

Remember kids, to keep the bloodline pure, you have to inbreed. Making babies with our own kind might have been fine 10,000 years ago.

But now we can travel, and have many cultures living in the same areas. No need to stick to our own anymore. Get out there and mix it up.

That is why I had kids with a man outside my race. Genetic diversity.

I need y’all to look at this blog….. shit like this scares me

This is fucking stupid….so lets get rid of dark skin cause we can travel now. 

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Black pride is not white hate.

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